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Passion, involvement with its audience, movement & energy. In one name: TRASKO! He climbed for the first time behind a console in 1995 and in front of him: thousands of people at  the "Ambra Night", disco at San Teodoro that moves a great number of audience for over forty five years (from 1968!) in Northern Sardinia. Trasko then has become one of the most popular DJs of the island, not only for his professionality, but also for showing interest and availability to his  public. Winter and summer do not count: those who love Trasko follow him anywhere! So since '95 Mighel began to blow life in the evenings at the trendiest clubs in Sardinia: "Nottambula" of Marina di Cugnana (the disco in the nineties every Saturday drew thousands of young people from all over Sardinia), "Capricorn Club Olbia" (real institution in the capital of Gallura since the seventies), Controsenso and Mantra club (Porto Rotondo), Peyote (Porto Cervo), Wally disco (Sassari), Heaven (Porto Rotondo), 4gatty (Marrubiu), Triciclo (Sassari), Pascià (Olbia), Sergent (Sassari), Capogiro (Sassari), Bal Harbour (San Teodoro), Sopravento (Porto Cervo), Mclub (Porto Rotondo)Vogue (Roma), The Club “Fidelio” (Milano), Matis (Bologna), Space (Myconos), SET Club (Bosa), Dadda bar (Miami Beach), Oronero (Bergamo), Old Fashion (Milano), Jko (Cagliari), Que Pasa (Olbia), La Siesta (Alghero),Paradise(Bosa Marina), Square (Piacenza), Blu Square (Olbia), Big Club (Torino), Des Alpes (M. Di Campiglio),Linea Notturna (Cagliari), Camillo (Pavia), COCO'  Disco Clubbing (Cagliari).
Remarkable also as a remixer and producer,we recall some projects like: Angedras "SWEET HOUSE" with the collaboration of the duo Pain & Rossini, the individual with Walter Fargi (Radio 105) "IT'S NOT RIGHT BUT IT'S OK", from cover to WHITNEY HOUSTON on label BOOTYLICIOUS. We still remember the Official remix  of the famous hit of RELIGHT ORCHESTRA "TURN THE BEAT AROUND" on label MILAN LAB, other productions like "LET'S GO" on label BOOTYLICIOUS, and in collaboration with ROBERT FULTON the make out "NEW YEARS DAY", cover of U2 on label LUKES CLUB RECORDS (Germany).

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